Photographing People with Passion

In Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Uckfield, Crowborough.....basically Kent and East Sussex, London and I could even be persuaded to fly off to the Bahamas.

I'm Mimi.....

Photography is my meditation, my passion, my mission in life.

I first got the photography bug when I moved to Madrid, Spain.

It was a small digital camera, and I brought it with me to document my journey.

The day after I arrived in Madrid, there was a bombing in the capital.

I was in a flat share with a Spanish couple and they invited me to a protest - those were the first images I took, on a rainy, sombre night in Madrid.

When I showed my flatmates the photos, they persuaded me to send them to a Madrid newspaper, and the next day, they were in print.


Fact 1

I recently discovered that I have ADHD - which means I hyperfocus on the things I love....but struggle with many things that others consider easy.


Fact 2

There are three things that drive me:-

1 Being creative

2 Always Learning

3 Getting to know people


Fact 3

Photographing people, is my passion, my never-ending learning opportunity and the way I help people around me.

However, I recently photographed planes in the air...and huge trucks at London landmarks which was great fun.


Fact 4

I love photographing, entrepreneurs and business people, I want to photograph more models, actors and influencers....basically people with with big dreams.

Documenting People with Passion - for their marketing

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Documenting People with Passion - Behind the Scenes

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Documenting People with Passion - at workshops

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Photographing People with Passion - At their place of work

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Photography for all your marketing platforms

I work with business owners, job seekers, marketing agencies and web designers to create content that puts their people and the people they serve at the core of their marketing.

Whether you have a product to sell or a service to promote having imagery that creates an impact with your audience so that they want to continue to find out more.

Potential clients will make a decision in a split second as to whether you are the type of firm they want to work with.

First impressions count, so make them count for all the right reasons.


We used Mimi's services for our company's headshots and were very happy with the entire process. Mimi made us feel at ease having our photographs taken and was very professional throughout. I would highly recommend Mimi for all your photography needs!

Erin Warnett - PA

The Studio, 85 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells TN4 8BU

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