Branding Portraits

A branding shoot is ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to establish a strong online presence and showcase their unique identity through visually appealing content.

Set yourself apart from your competition with a a collection of images that showcase who you are and what you do....and be seen as "the" professional in your field.

How it works


Either at your place of business or in studio with multiple set ups that match your business aspirations.

We will discuss what works best for your needs prior to the shoots.

The Shoot

These sessions are designed with your client journey in mind, whether that's being welcomed at the door, the "experience" itself, how they can get in touch and who they can expect to work with.

During the session I will work direct you to create a variety of shots.

Post Shoot

After the shoot you I will place all the images in a gallery so that you can choose your favorites and I will edit and fully retouch your choices.

The final edits are then uploaded digitally in Hi Resolution for printing purposes, or Lo Resolution for email and online purposes.

The entire process should be completed within 5 days or less.

Mimi is amazing! She managed to relax me, make it fun and at the end of the day sent me the best photos I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!

(Katy Landis)

Get the guide

For top tips on what to expect, how to prepare and posing tips, fill out your details below for valuable advise on what to think about before your portrait session.....