Case Study

Last week Carl came to my studio in Tunbridge Wells for a headshot session for his LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

He wanted an up-to-date portrait that showed his true personality, a serious professional who has been in the print industry for many years.

During our session we talked about how the digital world has changed the world of print, in particular the model industry.

Carl's firm works with a lot of the model agencies across the country to produce model cards, model books as well as banners.

He started in the industry when everything was done by hand......I know he doesn't look that old.....that's how much and how quickly everything has changed.

He came to the studio for an express session, and we pretty much got what he wanted within the first 20 mins.....I wanted to take more images, but he was happy so instead we spent the rest of our time putting the world to rights.

It was a great session and I'm so happy with the results.....

He's already added them to his LinkedIn profile so that's a great sign.

If you're thinking of booking in a headshot session that is as unique as you are get in touch.