Event Photography

Are you a holding a corporate event, workshop or launching a new product or venue?

Documenting your event with professional photography, means you can tell the story in pictures and use the images for your marketing materials in the days, months and even years after the event itself.

Whether it is for PR purposes, your social media feed or your website, having a professional set of images is crucial to setting you apart from your competitors.

How it works


Where-ever your event is, I will be.

I will arrive ahead of time to set up for the event. Meet the organisers and begin taking images of the room and details before any guests arrive.

The Event

My aim is to tell the story of your event from beginning to end.

As people arrive, any keynote speakers, the atmosphere of the event as it unfolds.

I will document the food, drink and catering staff working hard to look after your clients.

Also I will work with you to create photos you may have in mind for PR after the event.

Post Shoot

After the shoot you I will edit the best images from the day.

I will then send all edited images in hi and lo resolution to your marketing team for both print and email.

Mimi was fantastic! She was a smiling, inconspicuous presence at a big event we held recently. She fitted right in and seemed to be enjoying taking photos of us all and the end result was a huge amount of great photos. Not easy when half the people are constantly moving and the other half is busy chatting!

(Cheryl Cairnes)

Get in the guide

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